Territory Business Centres

The Territory Business Centres provide assistance to businesses and customers regarding licensing requirements and lodgement, new and existing business guidance, grants and government assistance programs.

As part of a concierge service, the Territory Business Centres can also connect businesses and organisations with support and information regardless of which area of government is responsible, for example Licencing NT licences, NT Worksafe licences or SafeNT licences just to name a few.

Can-do Territory: bringing more business and professional licences online

At the Territory Business Centres, businesses and individuals can access up to 225 licences and permits, many of which are being transitioned onto the web, making it even easier to apply online.

To access digital forms visit services online.

To see all forms and permits available visit business and professional licences.

Regional approach: making it easier to do business

As part of delivering an improved regional approach, relationships are integral at the regional Territory Business Centres. That’s why key staff are available to support businesses in our regions.

Service map

The Territory Business Centre are located in all the following regions.

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Learn about your regional business support team below.

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