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Success stories

I think I’ve done well

I understand what it’s like to be a client, to be someone struggling to access the right service.

Mooving in the right direction

Jodi Brown
Supporting Moo

Success stories

It will also create more jobs

Some of Australia’s finest Aboriginal artists can now work their magic in greater comfort.

Bright beginnings for renowned art centre

Bryce Hartnett
Keringke Arts Aboriginal Corporation

Success stories

I started this as a labour of love

We try to find their families to reunite them and link families together again.

Innovative business linking families

Deanna Roberts
Deanna’s Family Researching and Linking Families

Success stories

We don’t have to lose our standard of living to go electric.

These innovations can create lots of jobs locally.

Powering local jobs

Hunter and Trudy Murray

Success stories

Realtime Feedback can help improve service standards

The grant was critical in allowing me to push ahead with my innovation.

Innovation speeds up feedback

Sulal Mathai
Realtime Feedback

Success stories

What we really want to see is these businesses thrive and survive

Being a SBC can be rewarding, including when the team is able to help local employers go from strength to strength.

Small business champions helping locals achieve

Jarrod Ellis
Senior Small Business Champion (SBC)

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