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Sophia is the Regional Manager for the East Arnhem region.

Portrait shot of Sophia Haccou

About Sophia

Sophia likes engaging with people, from the academia, government and professional fields, finding out what their problems are, giving alternative and better solutions to meet their needs. People do connect on heart.

After working for some time in Seattle, in 2020 Sophia took up the role of college manager for College of Indigenous Futures, Arts and Society at Charles Darwin University, and this gave her knowledge of Indigenous futures.

Sophia now welcomes the opportunities that come as regional manager for East Arnhem, being involved in providing solutions to businesses and workforce to increase economic participation of the region.


  • Master of Arts (Monash)
  • Master of Education (Monash)
  • Master of ICT (Monash)
  • Master of Business Administration (City University of Seattle).

Industry experience

  • Higher education (working at different universities in two continents, Australia and North America)
  • Information technology (working as a consultant in technology companies in Seattle, USA).

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