Department of Trade, Business and Innovation strategic directions 2017 to 2021

The Department of Trade, Business and Innovation aims to make the Northern Territory (NT) a strong, vibrant economy for all Territorians. Its plan to drive opportunities to grow private investment and create jobs is outlined in its strategic direction.

Strategic directions 2017 to 2021 outlines how the department plans to:

  • connect business and government across industries and regions
  • foster a culture of innovation in the Territory
  • grow local capacity
  • excellence in our own business.

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DTBI strategic directions 2017 to 2021

Vision: A strong vibrant economy for all Territorians

Purpose: Drive opportunities to grow private investment and create jobs


  1. Connect business and government across industries and regions
  2. Foster a culture of innovation in the Territory
  3. Create a pipeline of investment
  4. Grow local capacity
  5. Excellence in our own business.


  • More jobs
  • A more skilled workforce
  • Increased private sector investment
  • Growth in gross state product
  • Increased consumer and business confidence
  • More Aboriginal Territorians in jobs and running businesses
  • Increased regional workforce participation
  • More start-ups succeed
  • More medium and larger business
  • Increased trade
  • Improved evaluation and evidence based decision making
  • Increased staff satisfaction
  • Increased client satisfaction
  • Deliver on time and budget.

What we will do

  • Support accelerated growth of priority industry sectors
  • Lead the strategic engagement and policy agenda for Developing Northern Australia
  • Develop the Territory’s capability to support defence and other national security interests
  • Partner to implement the Economic development framework (EDF)
  • Attract and facilitate private sector major investment projects
  • Deliver a pipeline of government facilitated investment projects
  • Shape enabling regulatory environments
  • Strengthen government and major project procurement activities to grow local industry capability and Aboriginal participation
  • Position the Territory as the destination to live, work, visit, study, do business, trade and invest
  • Support businesses to innovate including entering new markets or expanding existing opportunities
  • Support and expand an ecosystem of creative, innovative and adaptive businesses, and the commercialisation of new products and services
  • Facilitate innovation and research partnerships
  • Maximise opportunities to increase buy local outcomes
  • Drive integrated regional economic, business and workforce development plans
  • Deliver services to support business growth, capability and sustainability
  • Improve information to business
  • Partner with industry and business to increase trade, export and investment
  • Assist business to navigate the regulatory process
  • Streamline and improve systems, services and tools to optimise outcomes and the client experience
  • Support Territorians to gain the skills needed to participate in todays jobs and jobs of the future
  • Enable a flexible and responsive vocational education and training (VET) system
  • Support employers to meet workforce demands through interstate and international workforce attraction and retention
  • Shape a progressive, innovative, agile and diverse department workforce
  • Strengthen decision-making through our governance system and improved data analytics
  • Support a strong and accountable leadership and performance culture
  • Work with Aboriginal enterprises to develop their capacity.

Key priorities for 2018 to 2019

  • Deliver commitments of the Infrastructure strategy
  • Develop a Corporate attraction strategy
  • Develop an Investment attraction strategy
  • Deliver on NT commitments for existing major and facilitated projects
  • Pursue the development of new projects for Major Project Status
  • Progress new market led proposals
  • Deliver new facilitated investment projects
  • Co-deliver on the Gas action plan
  • Maximise strategic engagement and local investment through the Strategic Defence Advisory Board, Defence Advocate and industry partners
  • Deliver and implement the NT defence and national security action plan
  • Implement the new International education and training strategy
  • Support intergovernmental delivery for the National Disability Insurance Scheme implementation and the Remote Housing program
  • Drive whole-of-government implementation of International engagement, trade and investment strategic plan
  • Deliver the Team NT approach including supporting the Team NT Executive, Team NT Advocates and joint missions
  • Drive a refreshed approach to Northern Australia Development
  • Deliver strategies and programs to improve the capability of businesses to:
    • benefit from growth in priority sectors
    • win work from major projects
    • export
  • Help support businesses under the EDF by:
    • developing industry capability analyses for the oil and gas, mining, engineering and technical services (METS), and aviation industries
    • supporting businesses in priority sectors and associated supply chains to survive, grow, and thrive
    • developing and implementing industry development plans
  • Implement the NT business innovation strategy
  • Contribute to the Territory renewable energy target through Smarter Business Solutions and Smart Energy grants
  • Work with Regional Economic Development Committees to implement regional economic plans
  • Support the revitalisation of Darwin and Alice Springs CBDs
  • Continuously improve government procurement
  • Drive and support industry led business and workforce projects
  • Develop and deliver the Aboriginal contracting framework
  • Deliver a Value for Territory capability development plan
  • Support the implementation of the Masterbrand
  • Deliver a Business engagement and marketing plan
  • Embed the Customer Relationship Management system
  • Support the development of a new NT Government grants framework
  • Pursue service efficiencies in the Territory Business Centres
  • Improve forecasting to industry of NT Government procurement and contracting opportunities
  • Deliver the Value for Territory assurance plan
  • Co-deliver the Arafura Games
  • Deliver the Aboriginal economic development and jobs plan
  • Implement the new VET investment framework and release the inaugural Skilling Territorians annual investment plan
  • Deliver a Designated area migration agreement II
  • Target interstate and international migration to meet NT workforce needs as part of the Population plan
  • Implement the Outcome evaluation framework
  • Deliver annual priorities under our People strategy.


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Last updated: 05 June 2019


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