Roadmap to the new normal


The Northern Territory (NT) Government has released a three stage principles-based roadmap plan to take the NT to the new normal.

To reach this new normal, businesses and organisations must complete a coronavirus (COVID-19) safety plan checklist to ensure they operate safely within the new physical distancing and hygiene requirements.

There are four separate checklists reflective of the types of businesses, organisations and services that will be required to prepare their COVID-19 safety plan.

These are:

  • food businesses
  • personal services
  • business community organisation
  • sport and active recreation organisation.

Once you have submitted your online safety plan you can begin planning to recommence your business (stage 2) from 12 noon on 15 May 2020.

Submit your safety plan on the Coronavirus website.

The three stages to the new normal

Stage 1 adjustment commenced on 1 May and includes simple and safe outdoor activities where physical distancing can be maintained at all times.

Stage 2 will see the inclusion of safer indoor activities for less than two hours recommence from 12 noon on Friday 15 May, such as:

  • organised sport and active recreation without physical contact, for example, gymnasiums
  • personal services such as nails, massage and tanning
  • community buildings and places of worship
  • consumption of food at cafes and eateries.

Stage 3 will see the two hour limit removed and restrictions eased on further indoor activities from 12 noon on Friday 5 June, including:

  • all team sports
  • gaming venues
  • any entertainment venues in approved configuration
  • previously restricted services at a place that provides beauty therapy, and/or cosmetic services including facial care
  • all businesses, facilities and services previously restricted can now resume ensuring adherence to key principles.

By 5 June all Territory businesses, services, facilities and organisations should have their own COVID-19 safety plan.

These changes also apply to communities within the designated biosecurity areas.

For more information view the roadmap to the new normal on the Coronavirus website.

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