First Buy Local Advocate announced


The NT Government has announced Denys Stedman as the NT’s first ever Buy Local Industry Advocate.

Mr Stedman has been appointed to provide an independent advocacy function to government on behalf of local industry.

Mr Steadman will be charged with ensuring our businesses are provided full, fair and reasonable opportunities to compete for government contracts.

The Buy Local Plan seeks to ensure that the largest possible proportion of every dollar spent by the NT Government is retained within and delivers benefits for the NT economy and community.

The Buy Local Advocate will be a member of a reformed Procurement Review Board and will head up a subcommittee of that board to focus on Buy Local policies.

The advocate will also be able to investigate complaints directly from industry and be able to act on their own initiative to randomly audit the awarding of contracts and the implementation of them.

If the advocate finds breaches of the Buy Local policies the responsible agency will be required to fix those within the contract. The contractor involved will have the breach recorded. This record will be assessed when they apply for future tenders.

Additional NT Government reforms will reduce the number of procurement boards and panels from three to one with a balance of government and industry representation.

Due to the commencement date of Mr Stedman, January 2018, Mr Doug Phillips has been appointed as an interim Buy Local Industry Advocate.

Anyone wishing to contact the Buy Local Advocate, can call (08) 8999 7799 or email

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