Economic Summit series enters new phase


More than 114 organisations and 250 people have taken part in the extensive first round of Economic Summit consultations.

The Economic Summits will shape the next 10 years of the Northern Territory’s economic development.

Initial consultations revealed several common issues including limitations around the key factors of production - land, labour and capital. Enterprise and innovation, connectivity, relationships and liveability also featured strongly.

From the common issues raised, six preliminary factors or ‘levers’ have been refined which we can utilise to accelerate economic growth - land, people, capital, enterprise and innovation, connectivity and liveability.

These levers will be the focus of the next summit process to develop principles, targeted strategies and recommendations.

For further information and updates on the Economic Summits go to the Economic Summits website

Go to the Chief Minister’s media release on the Economic Summits

People in a meeting discussing the economy

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