Industry case studies

Industry use of space technology

Development of the space industry supports the growth of other economic sectors that are increasingly reliant on the use of space technology such as agribusiness, mining, maritime and defence. Just a few examples can be read below.

Case study: agriculture
Space technology has a wide range of industry uses within the agricultural sector. The Precision Pastoral Management System is an instructive case example and has improved productivity and profitability for Northern Territory pastoral estates.

Case study: bushfire monitoring
Space technology is a crucial component in bushfire monitoring. Its impact can be clearly seen through the North Australian Fire Information website.

Case study: bushfire monitoring 2
Australia is using data from earth observation satellites for a range of operational, experimental and research land and ocean management applications.

Case study: bushfire monitoring 3
In Australia, 300,000 to 900,000 square kilometres are affected by bushfires every year. Most of these fires occur in central and especially in northern Australia.

Case study: maritime
Space technology has a wide range of industry uses within the maritime sector, including the use of Vessel Monitoring Systems in the Northern Territory’s barramundi industry.

Case study: minerals
Space technology has a wide range of uses within the minerals sector, including enhancing the safety and efficiency of legacy mine site management across the Northern Territory.

Case study: minerals 2
Space technology has a wide range of industry uses within the minerals sector. In 2012, the Northern Territory Geological Survey and CSIRO collaborated to produce 12 mineral maps to assist exploration companies identify prospective mineralisation production zones.