Strategic directions 2017-2021

The Department of Trade, Business and Innovation aims to make the Northern Territory a strong, vibrant economy for all Territorians. Its plan to drive opportunities to grow private investment and create jobs is outlined in its strategic direction.

Strategic directions 2017-2021 outlines how the department plans to:

  • connect business and government across industries and regions
  • foster a culture of innovation in the Territory
  • grow local capacity
  • excellence in our own business.

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DTBI strategic directions 2017-2021

Vision: A strong vibrant economy for all Territorians

Purpose: Drive opportunities for grow private investment and create jobs


  1. Connect business and government across industries and regions
  2. Foster a culture of innovation in the Territory
  3. Create a pipeline of investment
  4. Grow local capacity
  5. Excellence in our own business.


  • More jobs
  • A more skilled workforce
  • Increased private sector investment
  • Growth in Gross State Product
  • Increased consumer and business confidence
  • More Aboriginal Territorians in jobs and running businesses
  • Increased regional workforce participation
  • More start-ups succeed
  • More medium and larger business
  • Increased trade
  • Improved evaluation and evidence based decision making
  • Increased staff satisfaction
  • Increased client satisfaction
  • Deliver on time and budget.

What we will do

  • Support accelerated growth of priority industry sectors
  • Drive integrated regional economic, business and workforce development plans
  • Lead the strategic engagement and policy agenda for Developing Northern Australia
  • Develop the Territory’s capability to support defence and other national security interests
  • Partner to implement the Economic Development Framework
  • Shape enabling regulatory environments
  • Assist business to navigate the regulatory process
  • Support businesses to innovate including entering new markets or expanding existing opportunities
  • Support and expand an ecosystem of creative, innovative and adaptive businesses, and the commercialisation of new products and services
  • Facilitate innovation and research partnerships
  • Attract and facilitate private sector major investment projects
  • Deliver a pipeline of government facilitated investment projects
  • Partner with industry and business to increase trade, export and investment
  • Deliver services to support business growth and sustainability
  • Improve information to business
  • Support Territorians to gain the skills needed to participate in todays jobs and jobs of the future
  • Enable a flexible and responsive vocational education and training system
  • Support employers to meet workforce demands through interstate and international workforce attraction and retention
  • Strengthen government and major project procurement activities to grow local industry capability and Aboriginal participation
  • Position the Territory as the destination to live, work, visit, study, do business, trade and invest
  • Shape a progressive, innovative, agile and diverse department workforce
  • Strengthen decision-making through our governance system and improved data analytics
  • Support a strong and accountable leadership and performance culture
  • Streamline and improve systems, services and tools to optimise outcomes and the client experience.

Key priorities for 2017-2018

  • Deliver the NT Infrastructure and Investment Attraction Strategies
  • Deliver a new Unsolicited Proposal Policy
  • Improve the capability of businesses to export and win work from major projects
  • Deliver Major Projects
  • Develop and implement industry development plans for priority industry sectors
  • Work with Regional Economic Development Committees to deliver economic priorities
  • Deliver the remote Aboriginal Economic Development Program
  • Work with Aboriginal enterprises to develop their capacity
  • Identify key policy and regulatory reforms and investments to shape North Australia’s future
  • Attract the establishment of corporate headquarters
  • Refresh the NT Defence Strategic Plan
  • Establish NT Defence and National Security Advocate in Canberra
  • Expand the Strategic Defence Advisory Board
  • Deliver a new International Education and Training Strategy
  • Deliver the Start, Run, Grow, and stimulus programs
  • Deliver the NT Business Innovation Strategy
  • Support start-ups and entrepreneurs through access to Business Innovation Support Initiatives
  • Support intergovernmental delivery for the National Disability Insurance Scheme implementation and the Remote Housing program
  • Develop Integrated Business and Workforce Development Model
  • Deliver the Aboriginal Economic Development and Jobs Plan
  • Introduce a new Aboriginal workforce program
  • Develop the annual Vocational Education and Training Investment Plan
  • Deliver a Value for Territory capability development program
  • Introduce a Buy Local Industry Advocate and Value for Territory Assurance program
  • Deliver a new Asian Engagement, Trade and Investment Strategic Plan
  • Deliver an annual program of inbound and outbound international engagement activities
  • Support the return of the Arafura Games
  • Introduce TeamNT
  • Embed the Customer Relationship Management system as a key knowledge management tool
  • Strengthen the outcome evaluation framework
  • Implement our People Strategy
  • Deliver an engagement and marketing program
  • Support the revitalisation of Darwin and Alice Springs CBDs.


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Last updated: 23 February 2018