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As part of its strategic economic development agenda, on 7 February 2018 the Northern Territory (NT) Government announced the creation of Team NT, a three-tier approach to strengthening and aligning the promotion of the NT's economic interests nationally and internally.

The first two-tiers of Team NT involve government’s joint engagement and investment missions with industry and business, and engaging the broader business and community sectors as advocates for the NT.

The third tier involves the appointment of the Team NT Executive, comprised of three highly skilled and experienced individuals, with strong ties to the NT:

  • former Chief Minister, the Honourable Clare Martin
  • former Chief Executive, Paul Tyrrell AO
  • leading Territory businessman Dick Guit.

Together the Team NT Executive have 115 years of combined professional experience advocating for the interests of NT business, along with an impressive record of delivering results.

Team NT Executive will continue to work hand in hand with government to pro-actively advocate the NT’s investment, business and lifestyle prospects nationally and internationally; harnessing investment opportunities and ensuring that the NT continues to lead the way in the development of Northern Australia.

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Role of Team NT Executive

The Team NT Executive has been charged with bringing new investment to the Territory to create local jobs, drive economic opportunities and boost our population.

The Team NT Executive will provide advice and undertake specific targeted projects to support the NT Government’s strategic interests in:

  • economic development
  • international engagement, trade and investment
  • Northern Australia development, and
  • development of priority industry sectors, including oil and gas and manufacturing.

Its immediate priority focus areas are:

  • bringing more corporate offices to Darwin
  • using existing offshore gas reserves to bring more manufacturing to the NT
  • Improving airline connectivity and sea links with Asia and our region, including Eastern Indonesia and Timor Leste.

Terms of reference

1. Background

The Northern Territory (NT) stands out among Australian jurisdictions for its long-standing and innovative approach to international engagement. The NT Government was the first Australian government to create an Asian Relations portfolio, and has had success over many years in attracting major international investments which have contributed to economic growth, jobs, and the NT’s reputation as a place to live, work, invest and study. A strong, coordinated and forward-looking agenda for economic development and international engagement remains critical to delivering the NT Government’s commitment to growing jobs.

2. Objective

Engagement of highly experienced and skilled individuals with strong ties to the NT to undertake strategic targeted projects and provide advice on specific aspects of the government’s economic development, international engagement, trade and investment agendas.

3. Role

The role of the Team NT Executive is to provide advice and undertake specific targeted projects, commissioned by the Jobs Sub-Committee of Cabinet, to support the NT Government’s strategic interests in:

  • economic development
  • international engagement, trade and investment
  • Northern Australia development, and
  • development of priority industry sectors, including oil and gas and manufacturing.

4. Scope

The scope of the Team NT Executive is limited to specific projects as commissioned by the Jobs Sub-Committee of Cabinet in the areas outlined above.

The Team NT Executive does not have the power to incur expenditure or bind the NT Government in any way, but is encouraged to provide full and frank advice, in confidence, to the NT Government for its consideration. With the approval of government Team NT Executive members may be required to speak publicly about the work they are undertaking.

The Team NT Executive will have direct access to the Chief Minister through his office and is expected to provide formal advice to the Chair of the Jobs Standing Committee of Coord and the NT Government via the Jobs Sub-Committee of Cabinet biannually on its activities and recommendations for future action.

5. Governance

5.1 Authority

The Jobs Sub-Committee of Cabinet, and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Department of Trade, Business and Innovation (DTBI) authorise the Team NT Executive, within the scope of its role and responsibilities, to liaise with relevant internal and external entities, and have access to relevant, information and records to support its function.

The Team NT Executive will be engaged via a contract that will clearly outline the standards that must be complied with including, but not limited to:

  • requirements as outlined in the NT Public Sector (NTPS) code of conduct
  • Information Act (NT)
  • Financial Management Act (NT)
  • NT Government policies and frameworks
  • sign a confidentiality deed, and
  • conflict of interests declaration.

5.2 Meetings

The Team NT Executive will meet monthly or as required to execute its role.

Meetings will be held at locations convenient to members, and attendance via teleconference and video conference is permitted.

Administrative support, secretariat and high level analysis and research services including preparation of reports and agenda papers will be provided by DTBI.

Minutes and records of discussions and actions will be kept and distributed to members by the Secretariat.

5.3 Correspondence

Correspondence with the Team NT Executive will be through written, electronic and verbal methods.

Materials to be considered at a meeting will be distributed to members prior to meetings. Issues to be considered may be raised on the day of the meeting.

5.4 Conflicts of interest

Members of the Team NT Executive must declare real and perceived conflicts of interest and sign a conflict of interests declaration prior to the first meeting, and exclude themselves from activities and decisions where real or perceived conflict may appear to impinge on their objectivity.

If further conflicts of interest arise for members throughout the lifespan of the Team NT Executive, the conflict must be declared and appropriate action taken to manage the conflict at the time.

5.5 Confidentiality

The Team NT Executive, engaged experts and observers will have access to highly sensitive and confidential information. All members must:

  • use sensitive and confidential information obtained through the meetings only for the purposes of the agreed charter as outlined in these terms of reference
  • not seek to gain advantage or cause disadvantage through inappropriate use of sensitive and confidential information, and
  • not disclose sensitive or confidential information unless authorised by the CEO of DTBI, Chief Minister or the Jobs Sub-Committee of Cabinet (as relevant), or as required to do so by law.

Team NT Executive members, consultants and observers who are not NTPS employees or contract officers must complete a confidentiality deed and comply with all conditions of the deed.

6. Membership

Members of the Team NT Executive are all of equal standing and appointed for a period of up to three years by the Chief Minister in consultation with Cabinet.

Team NT Executive members will be appointed based on the skills and knowledge they bring, their networks and credibility locally, nationally and internationally and their ability to work in a cross-cultural environment.

The CEO of DTBI or delegate will participate in Team NT Executive meetings as required.

Flexibility will be available to the Team NT Executive to recommend engagement of additional expertise / resources with specific skills, knowledge and contacts to address identified priority tasks. Such experts would be approved and engaged via standard NT Government procurement procedures; however, they will not be considered members of the Team NT Executive.

6.1 Resignation / termination from the Team NT Executive

Either party can terminate the agreement (without cause) upon giving reasonable notice to the other.

7. Responsibilities

7.1 Team NT Executive members

The responsibility of the Team NT members is to:

  • deliver advice and facilitation on specific projects as commissioned by the Jobs Sub-Committee of Cabinet, which contribute to the NT’s economic growth and job creation
  • advise and make recommendation to government on matters relating to international engagement, trade and investment
  • promote long term engagement and mutual beneficial relationships with key local, national and international partners
  • give advice responsibly and to the best of their knowledge and ability, that will assist in achieving the objectives of NT strategic priorities
  • facilitate, in a timely manner, projects that are requested by government, to be undertaken individually or cooperatively as agreed in accordance with individuals’ skills and knowledge
  • lead and / or participate and report on international and interstate, engagement, trade and investment missions as appropriate, and
  • in the course of the discharge of their responsibilities, act as ‘advocates’ within the broader NT and international communities to promote the NT as a place to invest, live, work and study.

7.2 Team NT support unit - DTBI

The Team NT Support unit is responsible for:

High Level Support Services
  • undertaking high level analysis and research on specific issues
  • preparing reports and briefing papers
  • undertaking engagement of additional expertise as recommended by Team NT Executive and approved by the Chief Minister
  • travelling with the Team NT Executive and assisting with travel requirements and on ground logistics as appropriate.
Secretariat services
  • arranging meetings including booking venues, making travel arrangements and issuing invitations to members and relevant stakeholders
  • preparing the agenda in consultation with Team NT members
  • compiling reports and documentation including undertaking research and information gathering
  • distributing meeting papers to members in a timely manner
  • recording and retaining detailed records of decisions and actions agreed during meetings
  • distributing meeting records
  • preparing outgoing Team NT Executive correspondences, and
  • securing industry participation, guest speakers or other relevant personnel to attend meetings as requested.

8. Publication of terms of reference

This terms of reference will be published on the Team NT Executive website.

9. Reporting

The Team NT Executive will report to the Jobs Standing Committee of Coord and to the NT Government via the Jobs Sub-Committee of Cabinet.

Team NT Executive will provide regular reports and updates to government on its progress, and provide copies of meeting records and an executive summary after each meeting if requested.

The Team NT Executive will also produce a bi-annual communique for public release via the Team NT Executive website.

Version 1.0
Approved: 22 November 2017

Team NT Executive

Honourable Clare Martin

Portrait shot of Clare MartinClare Martin was the first Labor Chief Minister of the Northern Territory (NT) and its first female Chief Minister.

Clare led the Labor Party to victory in the NT in 2001 and then a second time in 2005.

Clare was Chief Minister for more than six years, from 2001 to 2007 and during that time held a number of ministerial portfolios, including Treasury, Major Projects, Tourism, Police, Arts and Indigenous Policy.

Clare was the member for Fannie Bay in the NT Parliament from 1995 to 2008.

Before politics, Clare spent almost two decades as an ABC journalist and broadcaster, working in radio and TV in Sydney, Canberra and Darwin.

Following politics, Clare was the Chief Executive of the Australian Council of Social Service, and then a Professorial Fellow at Charles Darwin University, where she co-authored a book about Territory politics called Speak for Yourself.

Clare is currently the Chair of Territory Natural Resource Management, Chair of the Defence Reserves Support Council Northern Territory / Kimberley, Vice Chair of Northern Territory Cricket and a director of Browns Mart Arts.

Clare first came to Darwin in 1983. Her partner David Alderman is a barrister and she has two wonderful children, Jake and Chloe.

Paul Tyrrell AO

Portrait shot of Paul TyrrellPaul Tyrrell is a civil engineer with a Bachelor of Economics and spent more than 30 years working for the NT Government and 19 years as a Chief Executive including the Department of the Chief Minister from 1999 to 2008.

Paul also concurrently held the position of Chief Executive of the joint South Australian / Northern Territory AustralAsia Railway Corporation which managed the delivery and negotiations with the private sector for the Adelaide to Darwin Railway. The project was completed in 2004.

During this time Paul also played a significant role and led negotiations for the government with the private sector in a number of major developments including:

  • the Darwin Waterfront and the Convention Centre
  • attracting Inpex to Darwin and finalising the Inpex Project Development Agreement.

Following retirement in 2008 Paul continued to hold the position of Chairman of the NT Gas Task Force, the AustralAsia Railway Corporation, the Darwin Waterfront Corporation and also held positions of Chairman of the Alan Walker Cancer Care Foundation and the Inaugural Chairman of the NT Thunder Football Club between 2008 and 2012.

During this time he also delivered for the government the following projects:

  • the Alan Walker Cancer Centre (personally the most rewarding project)
  • the Marine Supply Base - for the oil and gas industry.

Paul was appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) in 2009.

Paul enjoys a rare game of golf, surfing, walking and snow skiing.

Paul is married to Kaye (50 years this year) and they have three married sons, two of which live in Darwin and six very active grandchildren.

Dick Guit

Portrait shot of Dick GuitDick arrived in the NT with his family in 1976 after having lived and worked in Papua New Guinea for over five years.

Dick has been involved in the construction industry for over 50 years. He commenced as General Manager with Sitzler Pty Ltd in 2012 following an 18 year career with Laing O’Rourke, including 16 years as Laing O’Rourke’s NT Manager. He has undertaken many different roles during his career, including management of a wide variety of projects, construction management of significant military installations and regional management of multinational organisations. On behalf of the Australian Government, Dick has also acted as Superintendent and Construction Manager on a number of important Defence projects. He retired from Sitzler Pty Ltd in August 2017.

Dick has a well-developed understanding of industry and in his corporate leadership roles he has had overall management responsibility for regional businesses, contractual negotiations and the delivery of numerous multi-million dollar high profile developments during the past 45 plus years.

Dick possesses well-developed interpersonal skills and a detailed understanding of time and budget management. He excels at building positive relationships with all stakeholders at all levels, and is able to motivate his team to achieve project milestones without compromise to either safety or quality. Highly organised and committed, Dick’s astute and forward-thinking management approach has underpinned the successful implementation of a number of high profile initiatives.

Dick maintains an active interest in the wider construction industry and through his exceptional communication skills and extensive knowledge has been invited onto, and serves on, various boards and industry bodies.

He currently holds the following positions:

  • Director of Master Builders Australia (national)
  • Chair of the Master Builders Fidelity Fund
  • Director of the Industry Capability Network NT
  • Board Member of NT Build
  • Immediate Past President - MBA NT.

Some positions previously held:

  • Member of the Work Health Advisory Council
  • Member of the Workers Compensation Monitoring Committee
  • Member / Chair Construction Training Board
  • Chair Building Practitioners Board
  • Council Member / Vice President / President MBA Northern Territory.

Dick is passionate about innovative construction solutions that provide value and represent improvements in the safety, quality and sustainability of projects.

He has a strong record of working collaboratively with his management team to deliver projects on time and within budget. Dick has a strong long term commitment to the NT and is an advocate for sustainable growth in the NT.

Dick’s sound industry knowledge and extensive networks make him a valuable participant. His highly-developed interpersonal and communication skills ensure that he is well liked and respected by team members, clients and other stakeholders. His considerable business, contractual and financial acumen, coupled with his positive outlook, helps to ensure a positive outcome on all major enterprises.

Contact Team NT

You can contact Team NT using the contact details below.

Team NT Executive
GPO Box 3200
Darwin NT 0801

Phone: (08) 8999 6164

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