Biz Secure

The Northern Territory (NT) Government is rolling out a new program to help eligible Territory businesses improve their security.

Territory businesses will be able to make a range of permanent security improvements through the program using Territory enterprises.

Applicants may be eligible for up to $10,000 on a dollar-for-dollar matching basis towards a security audit and to complete one or more security improvement jobs.

The works undertaken on each premises will vary depending on individual circumstances and the outcomes of the mandatory security audit.

How Biz Secure works

  1. A business wanting to make security improvements to their premises submits their application online at (from 24 July 2017)
  2. If the business is approved to access the program, they will have a mandatory security audit on the business premises by a registered security audit contractor. The costs of the security audit (up to $2,000) is covered by the program.
  3. Once the security audit has been completed, the business will be able to seek quotes and apply for a voucher to carry out security improvement works. Up to $8,000 will be available on a dollar-for-dollar matching basis to make improvements based on the security audit.
  4. The NT Government will provide a voucher covering part of the costs (up to 50%) to the business receiving the security improvements.
  5. Once the job is done, the business doing the work receives the voucher from the business receiving the work as part payment. The business receiving the work pays the balance.
  6. The business that has done the work redeems the voucher from the NT Government.

Information for businesses doing work through the program

Register as a security audit contractor - free training available

The NT Government will offer 40 fully-funded training places to businesses and individuals who would like to become security audit contractors.

A number of public servants will also be trained to ensure the skills are available across the Territory, particularly in regional and remote areas.

Security audits will be carried out in line with the principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), an international standard which will be taught through the training program.

Participants must be an incorporated business, sole trader with registered ABN or an industry association. A police check will also be required.

If you are interested in becoming a security audit contractor please email by 5pm on Friday 14 July. If you require further information on the training email

Read the program terms and conditions:

Business Security Assistance Program terms and conditions (124.0 kb)
Business Security Assistance Program terms and conditions (72.5 kb)

Register as a business to do the security works

The works must be carried out by Territory enterprises approved to participate in the program and the business that undertakes the security audit can’t be the business that completes the work. Likewise, you can’t do work on your own business.

Businesses interested in registering to carry out the security works through this program can apply on the SmartyGrants applications website. 

Read the program terms and conditions:

Business Security Assistance Program terms and conditions (124.0 kb)
Business Security Assistance Program terms and conditions (72.5 kb)

Businesses receiving a voucher through the program

Apply to receive a voucher through the program

Businesses wishing to apply for a voucher(s) will be able apply on this web page from Monday 24 July.

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Last updated: 04 July 2017