WorldSkills Australia Try'a Skill - Darwin expo

The Darwin Skills, Employment and Careers Expo will be run in conjunction with a WorldSkills Australia Try’a Skill event.

Try’a Skill is an interactive program that allows visitors to try their hand at various skills and trades. The displays are entertaining, informative and offer access to some of the basic skills involved within a range of occupations.

The displays seek to motivate visitors to the expo through a hands-on experience and give them a taste of some of the skills required in a number of different trade and skill based careers.

If your business or organisation is in a traditional trade or skill industry and you are interested in providing a hands-on activity at the Darwin event, we would be delighted to hear from you.

This is another opportunity for you to showcase your industry and engage with the current and future workforce.

All equipment, materials and consumables must be provided by the exhibiting organisation.

For a Try'a Skill activity confirmation form or more information contact the events coordinator.

Last updated: 09 April 2019