Target market, marketing and engagement activities

This page has information for potential exhibitors about the Skills, Employment and Careers Expo target market, marketing strategies and engagement activities.

Target market

The Skills, Employment and Careers Expo is no longer an event specifically designed for school students.

The expo aims to attract anyone interested in starting, changing, re-skilling or upgrading their career, including:

  • career seekers
  • career changers
  • job hunters
  • senior and middle school students
  • parent of senior and middle school students
  • vocational education and training and higher education graduates
  • mature age and prospective post-graduate students
  • career advisers, teachers and community organisation working with a specific client groups
  • members of the general public.

Marketing strategies

The Skills, Employment and Careers Expo marketing strategies include a specialised combination of:

  • print
  • radio
  • television
  • website
  • social media
  • direct emails.

Expo sponsors and supporters include a number of media partnerships in all expo regions. Through these partnerships a comprehensive marketing campaign in the lead up to all expos is secured.

A consultative committee is established in each region to ensure those who should attend the expos do so, and to assist in promoting the benefits of attending through their own networks within the communities.

Engagement activities

Other activities to encourage attendance and engagement include:

  • sensory friendly hour
  • entry and survey participation competitions
  • event app
  • meeting matching between exhibitors and attendees
  • attendee profiling based on skills, interests and qualifications.

Last updated: 08 May 2019