Forum program

Sunday 22 October 2017 - Welcome reception at Parliament House (invitation only evening event)

Monday 23 October 2017 - Day 1

  • Registrations
  • Ministerial address
  • Networking morning and afternoon teas and lunch
  • Plenary sessions with keynote presentations
  • Panel discussion
  • Breakout sessions
  • Indigenous business expo.

Tuesday 24 October 2017 - Day 2

  • Registrations
  • Day 1 feedback session (including reports from breakout sessions)
  • Networking morning and lunch
  • Plenary sessions with keynote presentations
  • Panel discussion
  • Breakout sessions
  • Indigenous business expo.

Note: this is a proposed format and is subject to change.

Master of ceremonies - Dr Donna Odegaard

Upperbody shot of Dr Donna Odegaard

Dr Donna Odegaard, Elder, Larrakia Aboriginal Traditional Owner of the Larrakia language group Darwin NT, and CEO Aboriginal Broadcasting Australia (Australia’s largest 100% Indigenous owned television, radio and production network) comes from humble beginnings to achieving success for women at many levels in business, academia, broadcasting media and in particular, social justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

In 2016, Dr Odegaard was awarded one of the highest medals, an AM Order of Australia, for her contribution to protecting and preserving Indigenous cultural heritage, reconciliation and Indigenous broadcasting and media. This award represents a lifetime struggle against all odds, of dedication and leadership, and importantly highlights the influence, role and participation of women across every sector and every generation of society. 2016 was also a landmark achievement for her people, Larrakia, after 37 years of fighting for land rights justice in the Kenbi Aboriginal Land Claim, Dr Odegaard was an active participant in the settlement of the Kenbi alongside Raylene Singh, the Minister for Indigenous Affairs and the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, until the Deeds of Title to Kenbi were handed to her on behalf of all Larrakia.

Against all odds describes Donna’s life journey from being born in the early 1950s in the bush on the Woomera Rocket Range, to representing women in the nation’s capital. After completing a Masters in 2001 and a PhD doctorate in 2012 on the topic of Aboriginal legal issues (Aboriginal land rights and Aboriginal treaty) it’s fair to say Dr Odegaard’s knowledge of law, Aboriginal rights is expansive. In 2012 Donna achieved the prestigious Indigenous Alumni Award at the University of Newcastle for her academic success and contribution to Aboriginal Affairs and Aboriginal Community Development. In 2005 Donna was awarded the position of Naming Lady for Nu Ship Larrakia at AUSTRAL Shipping, Hamilton Western Australia. In 2006 Dr Odegaard was awarded in Darwin, the Commissioning Lady for HMAS Larrakia, for her work and dedication to Indigenous communities, which has forged an ongoing relationship with the Australian Navy and Defence Force.

Equally important and at the heart of her experience and journey in life is the often harsh reality of what Dr Odegaard has experienced and that she wants changed - the disadvantage of women in Australian society, domestic and institutional violence against women and the disproportionate gap between men and women within a predominantly male domain. In 2016 Dr Odegaard’s broadcasting services sponsored the campaign - No More (to domestic violence) which raised national awareness to this horrific situation that affects an alarming number of women across Australian society, their children and families.

Dr Odegaard works toward a treaty to honour our First Australians and bring all Australians together to share and celebrate our rich cultural diversities and work together in harmony with equal representation of all women in the process to change the status quo.

Today, Dr Odegaard heads Australia’s largest privately owned television and radio broadcasting and production network driving change in a male dominated industry and encouraging more involvement of women in executive roles in media and business.

Dr Odegaard proudly promotes Darwin in all her roles and has been actively involved in the establishment and continuation of the following:

  • Restructure 94.5 FM Radio Larrakia, Darwin - Australia’s most successful Aboriginal community radio station
  • Acquisition of a commercial television license for Darwin and surrounding region
  • Launch Sea Eagle Productions - a fully digital television and audio production facility in Darwin to produce commercials, television, documentaries and films
  • Launch Larrakia TV with four television channels
    • Aboriginal TV Ch4
    • Darwin TV Ch41
    • Tourism TV Ch42
    • Education TV Ch43
  • Roll out a national Aboriginal radio station Australian Indigenous Radio to 2,400 Aboriginal communities across Australia
  • Launch of Extreme Radio - Darwin FM 91.5
  • Launch a new radio service to Palmerston - Classic Hits Palmerston FM 88
  • Currently rolling out a new digital radio service in Darwin
  • Currently rolling out the Business Channel - to promote Darwin, Palmerston, the Northern Territory to Australia and the world
  • Board member and consultant in Indigenous media, children’s media, classifications, ethics and protocols.

Radio stations

  • Radio Larrakia 94.5 FM CEO Australia’s number one Aboriginal radio station
  • Australian Indigenous Radio Vast 913 National 2400
  • Aboriginal communities across Australia
  • XStream Radio Darwin FM 915 (includes 27 multicultural broadcasters)
  • Classic Hits Palmerston FM 88
  • Digital Radio Darwin (being launched in July 2017).

Digital production - Sea Eagle Productions Darwin

  • Producing in excess of 30 Aboriginal and multilingual languages
  • Television documentaries, award winning television commercials and television promotional material for local and national clients from the private and government sectors.

Last updated: 18 July 2017