Procurement Review Board

The Procurement Review Board independently reviews government procurement activity to ensure adherence to procurement policy.

The Procurement Review Board is accountable to the minister responsible for procurement and provides advice to the minister on agency compliance with government procurement policy and processes.

The Procurement Review Board determines appeals in relation to the admissibility of a quote or tender.


The Procurement Review Board has eight members.


Douglas Phillips is the independent chair.

Deputy Chair

Michael Tennant, Chief Executive Officer, Department of Trade, Business and Innovation

General members

  • Andrew Kirkman, Chief Executive, Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics, and Department of Housing and Community Development
  • Janet Anderson, Chief Executive, Department of Health
  • Kathleen Robinson, Chief Executive, Department of Corporate and Information Services
  • Gregory Bicknell, Chief Executive Officer, Chamber of Commerce Northern Territory
  • Kevin Peters, Chief Executive Officer, Industry Capability Network (NT)


Procurement Review Board
Department of Trade, Business and Innovation
Level 6, Charles Darwin Centre
19 Smith Street Mall
Darwin NT 0800 

GPO Box 3200
Darwin NT 0801 

Phone: (08) 8999 6007
Fax: (08) 8924 3826

Last updated: 27 September 2016