The table below outlines construction work completed in the Northern Territory.

Original data, chain volume, value ($ million) Dec 18 Sep 18 Dec 17 Previous qtr % change Annual % change
Total construction work done 754.5875.91,815.9-13.9-58.5
Residential building 101.6 113.4 105.6 -10.4 -3.8
Non-residential building 159.0 135.7 164.5 17.2 -3.3
Engineering 493.9 626.7 1,545.7 -21.2 -68.0

Source: ABS Cat No 8755

Construction work done range, minimum / maximum and current value

Construction work done - quarterly data: Since 2000, the minimum quarterly change in Northern Territory construction work done has been -59.4 per cent and the maximum 404.6 per cent; typically construction work done growth ranges between -18.7 per cent and 33.6 per cent. In the June September quarter 2018, construction work done increased -33.1 per cent.Construction work done – levels Engineering work done has decreased from record levels over the past two years. Building work done has gradually decreased over the same period.Construction work done - YoY% change: Year on year construction work done has decreased over the past year, driven by engineering work done.

Last updated: 15 April 2019