Northern Territory economic data

The websites listed below contain information about the Northern Territory's economic performance.

Australian Bureau of Statistics Northern Territory at a glance

Summary statistics on a range of topics for the Northern Territory, including:

  • physical data
  • population
  • vital statistics
  • education
  • employment and wages
  • retail prices
  • agriculture and fishing
  • mineral exploration and production
  • building
  • overseas trade
  • tourism.

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NT Treasury economic briefs

Northern Territory economic briefs provide up to date analysis of the Territory economy and its performance in relation to the Australian economy. These briefs cover a broad range of economic and social indicators, drawing on various sources of data including Australian Bureau of Statistics and Access Economics.

Go to the Department of Treasury and Finance website.

NT Treasury economic review

Released monthly by NT Treasury, the Territory Economic Review provides a wrap-up of the latest economic and demographic indicators. Each Review provides analysis of around fifteen indicators, with particular focus on the Territory.

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Last updated: 02 July 2018