“Thanks so much for another quality introduction. The range of personnel that you have been introducing us to demonstrates how well you have interpreted our requirements and taken the time to ensure that we have plenty of options moving forward with the next stage of our business. It’s always a pleasure catching up with you and I hope that we are able to continue to utilise your support as we continue to grow our business.”
Dave Thomson, Director, Universal Site Monitoring

“I recently met with and had continued correspondence with Helen Ujvary that was facilitated by the Department of Trade, Business and Innovation, Business and Innovation NT. I would like to take the opportunity to thank the department for making this possible as Helen's knowledge and resources are invaluable to a start-up company like ours. She has already connected us with various people who are vital to the success of our project in the next stage. Helen has a professionalism you don't come across very often and I am grateful to the department for allowing people like Helen to be available for consultation in Darwin. The department has already helped our company's success in many ways and facilitating meetings with professionals like Helen Ujvary further increases our ability to succeed as a Darwin start-up company.” 
- Joshua Muirhead, Founder, XlockTech

“Thanks again for the length of time that you spent with us on Thursday night. It was quite an in depth discussion. Once again thank you for assisting us on this journey and we look forward to maintaining the relationship into the future. When final approval is given I will forward you the finished document for further discussion and ideas.”
- Paul Bailey, Enterprise, Development and Foundation, St Phillips College

“Just wanted to quickly thank you for all your work with relation to the help you have provided us. Being a start up its often difficult to know how to approach situations. Your expertise and connections have definitely helped us in making better decisions and meeting the right people.”
- Anthony Pizanias, Co-Founder, Mobi

“I really have to thank you for all the extra effort phone calls, emails and texts you have put in getting me over the line with getting included in the Australian Military Sales office catalogue. Like how to go about talking to the manager of a large Australian Defence Prime you know in Adelaide for their supporting of the re-deployable pit system. Now the linking up with your contacts in the USA and Canada for my upcoming trip. This is an area I really struggle with, how to approach contacts for meetings and interviews etc. I think it is a common trait of we inventive minds, not great communicators. So your great positive outlook and enthusiasm really gets me motivated and confident. Thank you for your help with my presentation.”
- Hew McDonald, Operations Manager, Evolving Workshop Technologies

"I have met with Helen Ujvary the Innovator in Residence twice to discuss Aerotech's projects, Helen was most interested and supportive of our work and was well equipped to assist us in the various areas that were weak in. The Department of Trade, Business and Innovation certainly chose a very professional and well connected person to mentor companies such as mine, through the many faceted areas that affected our new development getting off the ground and into a final testing program. It has been a long road to get this far. If our research shows promise in the market place then I will be contacting the Department and Helen once again to lend us assistance in getting our innovation out to the world. I commend the use of the Innovator in Residence program to any inventors and innovators wanting to take their visions further, it doesn't matter if it fails just that we tried."
- Roger Leach, CEO Aerotech Australia

Last updated: 04 June 2019


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