Business and economic data
Key business statistics, economic data, business, employment, labour market and business confidence.

Investment and major projects
Information on major projects, Local Jobs Fund, northern Australia development and regional economic development.

  • Major projects in the Northern Territory
    Information on major projects and major project status.
  • Local Jobs Fund
    The Local Jobs Fund will support economic transformation projects and will help high growth potential Territory businesses to increase exports of goods and services both interstate and internationally.
  • Team NT
    Team NT, a three-tier approach to strengthening and aligning the promotion of Northern Territories economic interests nationally and internally.
  • Northern Australia development
    Developing the North information, including the white paper and contacts for the Northern Australia Development Office.
  • Regional economic development
    Information on regional economic development in Northern Territory, economic profiles and contact details for the regional economic development offices.
  • Northern Australia's maritime industries hub
    The Australian Government, represented by the Department of Defence, is acquiring 12 Offshore Patrol Vessels under an acquisition contract entered into in early 2018.
  • Business missions
    Join the Northern Territory Government on the upcoming trade and investment missions.

Migration information for business
Information for Northern Territory businesses that employ overseas workers: Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme and the Northern Territory Designated Area Migration Agreement.

Space in the Northern Territory
Information on the plans to grow local space industry capability in the Northern Territory and case studies on how space technology is being used in the Northern Territory.

  • Territory space industry 2020
    Territory space industry 2020 aims to grow the Northern Territory’s space industry capabilities, connect Territory industry with the Australian and global space economy, and support the Territory economy to become ‘space enabled.
  • Industry case studies
    Take a look at how space technology is driving efficiency and innovation across the Northern Territory key economic sectors.
  • Contact Economic and Industry Development
    Contact details for Economic and Industry Development.

Business events
Calendar of business events in the Northern Territory, NT Training Awards, the Skills, Employment and Careers Expo, Aboriginal Economic Development Forum, WorldSkills and Try'a Skill.

  • Aboriginal Economic Development Forum
    Information on the bi-annual Aboriginal Economic Development Forum.
  • Business Engagement Program
    The Business Engagement Program is a range of events exploring the Territory’s trade and investment opportunities which will run alongside the Arafura Games’ sporting program.
  • NT Training Awards
    Information on NT Training Awards including categories and how to nominate.
  • October Business Month
    Program of events for businesses during October in the Northern Territory.
  • Skills, Employment and Careers Expo
    Information on getting your career started through opportunities at the Skills, Employment and Careers Expo.
  • Try'a Skill
    Worldskills Australia initiative to boost trade participation.
  • WorldSkills
    A biennial competition that celebrates and promotes the standards and status of vocational training and skills excellence.
  • Events calendar
    Check out what events are happening across the Northern Territory with the Department of Trade, Business and Innovation.

Business reforms and initiatives
The latest reforms and initiatives including: Biz Secure, Buy Local Industry Advocate, Darwin Innovation Hub, Economic Development Framework and the Innovator in Residence program.

  • Biz Secure
  • Buy Local Industry Advocate
    The Buy Local Industry Advocate's annual report is important way of reporting his observations and recommendations in respect to government procurement.
  • Darwin Innovation Hub
    The Department of Trade, Business and Innovation, Paspalis, Charles Darwin University (CDU) and AusIndustry have partnered to create the first innovation hub in the Northern Territory.
  • Economic Development Framework
  • Innovator in Residence program
    The Innovator in Residence program aims to provide proactive mentoring and support to small-medium enterprises in the Northern Territory.

Business publications, strategies, policies and reports
Strategies, policies, reports, business bulletins, updates and directories.

  • Publications
  • Strategies
  • Policies
    Apprenticeship and traineeship policies, learner support, group training, national training plan principles, user choice funding, building NT industry participation, major project status and market led proposals.
  • Reports

Business boards and committees
Industry Skills Advisory Council, Mastering Innovation NT, Procurement Review Board, Regional economic development committees and statutory authorities.